Quality & Test Automation

Sentinel Info Solutions is a leader in providing test automation services and has built a dedicated Automation Center of Excellence (ACoE) backed by a decade of experience in executing test automation engagements for global clients & a large pool of test automation experts.Sentinel Info Solutions enables organizations to increase release velocity, reduce time to market and reduce overall testing effort resulting in a significant return on investment (ROI). Software & application testing is considered to be crucial by enterprises all over the globe. It is one such activity that validates the functionality, performance, quality & other vital aspects of a software. But, with the ever increasing codebase and added functionality, manual testing is turning laborious, inefficient & costly day-by-day. To avoid such issues, manual tester are rapidly switching to test automation, which automates necessary tasks & functions in detail to increase their quality & effectiveness.

Simplifying the process of software testing

QA Consultants is at the Sentinel Info Solutions of test automation engineering techniques, technologies, and methodologies with our test automation services. We partner with clients across various industries to drive their automation innovation and QA optimization. Our expertise spans all test automation platforms and we have a vast knowledge base of best practices which we leverage for our clients. Real devices are used on real networks. You can save on expenses for hardware as well as travel to the regions under test. By employing user feedback from the expanded coverage, you can create a product or service that will succeed upon release into the world.

Scale up your testing speed with our rapid & cost effective test automation services

ou are proud of the system you helped build and know it inside out, but you wonder what will be caught post-release. You need a fresh set of eyes, skilled in your ways, needs, industry, software, hardware and networking. You need experts who specialize in defect hunting by using a wide range of skills, tools, and analyses which expand beyond your in-house coverage and timetables.